The greatest salesman of all time

Today making sales, more than ever, hinges on your ability to be a kind, likeable person. High pressure sales tactics are, by and large becoming less and less common. As people get used to salespeople whom they feel actually care about something besides the sale, they will come to expect that more and more.

I think a great example of how good sales tactics drive out the bad is the story of Sam Walton. Sam Walton, when he created Walmart, basically invented the price tag. Before he came around, you pretty much had to haggle for everything. If you weren't a savvy customer, you were likely to get ripped off. And even if you were a savvy customer, you had to waste your time haggling over something. Walton revolutionized the retail industry by making the whole process of buying things much easier, decreasing stress, and increasing the feeling of well-being. That strategy paid off massively for him, as his business grew into a massive empire. Without ever pushing anything on his customers, Sam Walton created what is literally, the number one organization that has ever existed in terms of sales. In 2015, they had racked up $1.5 trillion dollars worth of sales. If you want to sell your product well, follow the lead of the master, who never pushed his customers.

Today, when selling whatever you are selling, whether that is software, or you are trying to rent out space, remember what made Sam Walton a success. Remember that you might get some sales at first by hard-selling tactics. Unfortunately, it takes a toll on both you and your customers. Now I certainly am NOT suggesting that you decrease your effort one bit. I'm only saying that when selling to customers, you have to resist the temptation to make a quick buck, and think in the long term. The reputation your company has is critical to your success. If, in the sales process, you don't pressure them too much, but rather genuinely try to help meet their needs, you will likely find that your sales process becomes both easier for you, and more effective with clients.

Of course, having written this, I should point out that oftentimes people have a problem with getting in front of people to sell at all. What I'm writing here is no excuse for not getting out there. Instead, it should serve as greater motivation to get out there! Instead of thinking you are going to go interupt people's day with cold calls, or walking in their office, think about how you are helping them! Your are offering them some product or service that has had a lot of effort poured into it to help their lives. You have to transform your mindset from that of a money-maker for you, into that of somebody who is trying to help others. While it seems paradoxical at first, what actually makes you money is people liking you enough to give you money. And that only happens when you are helping them.

So today when you sell, make it your goal to make your customer feel at easy, and at home. Sometimes that means doing things that seem obvious, like not pushing them to buy your product right this second. However, that also for many people may mean that you need to believe in your product, and sell it as something that will genuinely benefit their lives. If you really believe in your product, why would you not enthusiastically sell it? You see, when you put other people first, it makes you feel much better about yourself when selling, and you are going to be a much happier person. And as Sam Walton demonstrated, when you treat people well, they will treat you well in return. is designed to help you provide better service to your customers by helping you keep track of everything so that you never forget your interactions with them. And with our automated email series, try to send out helpful messages to clients to build trust. Instead of just building a fast-paced selling system that goes to people as soon as you get their email, focus on providing them with real value. They will grow to trust you more, so that when you do finally make your sales pitch, they will by 10x more likely to listen.

If you aren't using Turbosales, what are you waiting for! It combines a CRM and an emailing system, making your work as a salesman more efficient. And of course, there's no pressure to buy because you can get a trial without even using a credit card! If you like it, I see a win-win. And if not, give me a call and let me know why. I'll see if I can't work out either a way to make it work, or point you in the right direction to something that does. Hopefully this message has inspired you to be an even better, more kind salesman. Now get out there and start selling!