Secrets to Closing

Everybody wants to close more deals. But how do you do that critical step called closing?

To become effective at closing, you have to think about what life is like on the side of your customer. Everyone buys for different reasons. Some people may buy your product because they think it has great utility value. Another person may buy what you are selling because it is just good enough and they don't want to keep looking. Still others may buy because they just plain like you as a person. In order to really close a deal, you need to figure out what it is that the customer wants most about your product, and use it as you ask them to make the purchase.

If the person you are selling to thinks your product is a good deal, how can you use that to win the close? Well you could ask your client to "lock in this good deal before prices rise". If you are selling real estate and the market is rising, this one line could work wonders for you. Alternatively if you are selling a product, a great way to leverage your value is to offer limited time discounts. For people looking for a good deal, there is no better way to achieve this than a limited time discount. The reason is because after the price goes back up, your customer will leave feeling pleased with himself that he was able to win such a great deal.

If somebody is just looking for a good enough product, you are in luck. With this type of customer, they probably won't push you on price so much. Instead, they may have qualms about whether the features you provide are enough. Here it's important to help the customer distinguish between things that are important or just good enough. Let's say your product offers three freatures, but your potential customer wants a fourth. In this instance, you have to emphasize that the three features you have are good enough. You can talk about how your other customers really enjoy your product with just the three features mentioned, and that the fourth feature really isn't necessary. Then to really close the deal, emphasize the fact that every day he goes without your product is a day he is missing out on your three features. Of course it is better to have those three than none, right?

Another type of buyer is the emotional connection buyer. Really every buyer is like this to some extent, but for some this is stronger than others. When you have a good relationship with a potential buyer, closing is a lot easier. My recommendation for closing with someone that you've developed a good relationship with is for you to personally focus on the value that your product offers. This will help you offer it to them in the best way possible, as something that will truly help them. Since you all have built a relationship, your prospect will trust you more and when you come to make that final close, because of your sincerity, they will likely make a purchase.

There are many other buyer mindsets. I have listed just these three as examples to help get you thinking. Next time you are about to close a deal, remember to think about what it is that the buyer is really looking for. Then you can offer them exactly what they are looking for when you ask them to make a purchase.