Secrets To Closing #2

Whether you are a face-to-face marketer who sells big-ticket items, or somebody who sells low cost products online, you need to know how to close.

What is closing? It's Getting the sale. That may be getting someone to sign a contract, or making their first payment. It is finishing your part as a salesman because the person is now going to use your product or service

There are many ways to close a deal. Your job as a salesman is to use the method that will help guide your lead through the difficulty of making a buying decision as easily as possible.

Everyone has buying resistance when they see or hear a salesman. It makes perfect sense why - we are constantly bombarded by people trying to sell us stuff. Turn on the radio or TV, and within minutes you'll hear ads. Heck, open up your email and you'll see a bunch of ads! As a salesperson, you are just a nuisance to your prospect when you first meet them. So you need to learn how to move from being a nuisance, to someone they trust and like enought to buy from.

One of the most fundamental ways this is done is to always focus on the ways your product helps your customer, rather than just on the features of your product or service. You see, you may have 100 features, but the simple fact is that if the prospect doesn't need 99 of them you have wasted their time, and thus probably won't make a sale. Focus on the features that will actually benefit the person you are talking to.

When you finally get around to closing the sale, make sure to talk about the investment your prospect is making, not the cost. You see, nobody wants a cost. However, people are happy to invest to get a return in the future.

Another great way to close is instead of leaving open-ended questions out there, such as "do you like it?", encourage the prospect to buy with a call to action with a phrase like "Why don't you take it?"

There are many more tips to closing sales that I will cover in future posts. However, remember this, the most important key to closing is followup. If you want to make sales, don't give up. The average sale is made on the 5th attempt. So if you don't keep trying, you will not make many sales! can help you follow up much more effectively by sending out automated emails. Give it a try.